Patients Reviews

Dr T is so wonderful. She listens and asks questions to understand my particular discomforts and goals. I have several lower extremities issues after serving 25 years in the military. Her treatment has helped me restore much of my mobility to enjoy a more physical quality of life.

Walton J. | May 10, 2023
My son always loves to go to physical therapy.

Juanita C. | Apr 07, 2023
The best PT that my son has had , my son has been improved on he’s body strength and movement so much with Mrs Teresa therapy , very loving person she take her time calming down my son when he has a hard time , she is so respectful with my son when we have some accidents(diaper, vomiting , drawing etc) she is so understanding. We are blessed to have her as therapist, when we got diagnosed, doctors told us he could not walk , and we her help and god I can said today I’ll be possible.couple of steps he can do now .

Danya A. | Apr 06, 2023
Very caring therapist very gentle soothing when I first started with her I couldn't stand up straight because of her I'm getting better each and every day her service is excellent excellent she's an angel when it comes to physical therapy children or adults she gentle with us both

PAULETTE R. | Apr 06, 2023
She takes her time with my son, he’s been with her just a little over 2 years now. She is kind, patient and gives amazing tips on how to get children to meet their milestones.

Tiara M. | Apr 06, 2023
Dr. Bristol cares about her patients. She listens, is extremely professional, and loves what she does! I highly recommend her, because I can see the difference she has made with me and my child. She is an excellent physical therapist!

Alicia S. | Apr 06, 2023